Whether humans are in a committed relationship or not, they do attract the opposite gender. This can be identified as one of the basic biological factors. But crossing the boundary line isn’t justify their deed. It’s kind of sad that in today’s world, people more tend to eat the forbidden fruit of the garden of Eden. As a relationship build up with both sides, both of them are equally responsible for the destruction of the relationship. When it comes to the female, they are always full of hunger of love. unsatisfied mental and physical support would definitely create a rift between you two and she tends to seek affection from someone else. So, it always holds a significant value to consider your partners’ feelings. It’s your duty to tight up against your relationship at the right moment. That is how you can own your dear one for to rest of your life.

Lack of love and support increases Insecurity and opens ups the pathway to get away your love from you.

All these reasons point to get well-known aware about the signs that your girlfriend will leave you for another guy.

Frequently talk about a new guy friend

Here comes the first warning sign to strengthen your relationship. If you missed the chance, she would definitely leave you for another guy. people do like to speak about what they love, so if she Is talking about someone frequently means, he made a good impression on her. “He is the funniest…”  “omg he said the same thing .. “these phrases reflect that she is attracting toward that person. Guard your relationship well to avoid this upcoming situation.

She seems wandering whenever she is with you.

This means she doesn’t feel happy about this relationship. It seems like she starts to feel boring around you or lost somewhere else. At this time, she is suffering from the realization about attracting another guy. Everybody feels guilty when they make a mistake in their relationship. If she seems wandering whenever she is with you, that showcases that she is trying to escape from that feeling. Rather than males, females are more energetic and always thrilling about spending time with their love. Able to concentrate and wandering means she wants to get out of this relationship.

Hanging around a lot with friends

If she felt she is wasting time with you, there is no reason to spend time with you. When someone felt boring around you, the first thing that they do is avoiding you. They tend to allocate their spare time to hang with friends. Even she begs her friend to hang around whenever she is with you.

Not replying to your text message

Remember the first time you used to text her? It was so electrifying and spend all night awake hoping for that reply. Yeah, that precious memory to everyone. With time, texting with your girl becomes part of your regulars. But you are always curious about her day. That is what love is, but if she takes ages to reply to your texts that simply indicates your current situation of relationship. If she is not interested in your life, that means, she wants to escape away from you.

Intimacy issues

Do you remember the last time you cuddle with your girl? Maybe weeks ago, being touchy around your partner is a quite simple gesture. But if you felt she is kind of uncomfortable because of it, she lost interest in you. When women reject you physically that is the epilogue of your love story.

Stop spending time with your loved ones

A women portrait a picture of a future with you when she is in a committed relationship. That includes your family and loved ones. At first, she is so a lot of interest in your families and very thrilling about every moment with them. But if she is ready for a breakup, she won’t scarify her time for your loved one. If your girlfriend slips the schedule with your parents and family that means she doesn’t see any future with you.

Converting simple things into a big one.

Here comes the last sign, If you experience this in regulars. Be ready for the breakup. because she is going to make a good reason to escape from this relationship. Women are totally unique when it comes to breakups. Even she is breaking up with you for another guy, she shows it as your issue. That is what it took to take off from you to land on another man. This will make your life more miserable. When someone is in love, they always skip the little mistakes you done in your life. There is a saying that if someone wanting a person as a part of their life, they will stay no matter what. Love is the foundation of a relationship and that is what tight up you both together. If there is no love, it’s a seesaw ride that took hours.


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