8 Different Types of Girlfriends That you will meet.


      Females have been introduced as the most unpredictable and incompatible species on planet earth. Yeah, they do bears distinct qualities than males and despite that females own their vivid colors to one another. It isn’t a hidden fact that they consist of unique personalities. Analyzing women are the toughest task in the galaxy. But when it comes to love, they all indicate some similar set of personalities. If you are someone who eagerly waiting for a relationship,  Here are 8 different types of girlfriends you’ll encounter in your daily occurrences.

possessive girlfriend

Possessiveness is born with immense love and affection for someone. If your girlfriend is possessive about yourself. Consider yourself lucky, because that reflects the love that she gifts for you. But after some certain point, possessiveness becomes the reason to crack your healthy relationship. The first ground rule is strictly forbidden interaction with other female species. It’s typical to bump into another female in daily occurrence and most males got females friends at their schools, Universities, and workplace. Refreshing memories and spending time with them is a very common incident but not for your over a possessive girlfriend. Eventually, your all personal life became her property. As an individual owing personal time is an essential requirement. But she acquires your all personal space and names it as hers. A healthy relationship always lets you find your peace inside of it. It’s not a punishment to tolerate.

If you witnessing the signs of over-possessiveness of your partner take a minute and clear it all. 

  • emotional girlfriend

These types of girlfriends are sensitive than the rest of the people. They have to deal with emotions strongly than an average human being. Even minor arguments will create a rift between the couple. Sometimes you have to babysit her until she stops the tears. Due to high sensitivity, they can feel a slight difference in your personality. However little act of love repair the damaged pieces.

  • Detective girlfriend

If your girlfriend having fond of uncovering your unrevealed facts and lies, you are going out with lady Sherlock. She even notices your reply back time differences, untold hanging outs with friends. Don’t ever try to fool her, it’s obvious that you are going to dig your graveyard. She becomes smarter than any detective and it’s lead to stand up your friend to testify on behalf of her side.

  • cheating girlfriend

If your relationship suddenly gets cold as Everest, it’s pointing out that she is involved with someone else. No calls, no text massagers, no romance at all. after some point, you start to feel that you never had affair. Cheating one will be busier than ever before and her smartphone becomes more interesting than you. If you are witnessing these things in your relationship better be careful about her actions.

  • Gold digger girlfriend

These types of girlfriends show more interest in financial status than a person. They will be dating to fulfill some materialistic benefits. Gold diggers show interest in your career and financial state on the first date. Most males misjudged this curiosity as their interest in their life. But it’s their way to ensure that if they hop into the perfect horse to ride.

  • Classy girlfriend

These types of girlfriends dedicate significant value to fashions and their outer appetence. they accept perfection when comes to look and always tend to put a  better impression. They even worried about their partners’ appearance.  They love to celebrate quality time in restaurants and five-star hotels. If you are having a classy one, chill out !! Even classy one values love and affection, there is no interruption to have a healthy relationship with them.

  • Soulmate girlfriends

Finding a soulmate is a miracle in real life. But if you ever find your soulmate, don’t ever make her leave you. Most of the time you find your soulmate as a best friend of yours.  They gave your freedom and peace and never stalk you neither digitally nor physically. they never complain about you hanging out with friends. There will be no restrictions and will be there whenever you need. What she asks is the Little amount of trust from your side.

  • Time bomb girlfriend

Did you ever encounter this, you went for dinner out with your love, everything flows smoothly… but at the most unexpected time, she bashed you and leave you behind ..  these types of girlfriends are living volcanoes. They pretend as most clam ones but at a very unexpected moment, they will explode and feed you lavas. The fun fact is that most males stood clueless whenever this happens. Taking the relationship for granted, they keep threatening about a breakup. In this case, you have to be quick-witted. Use some cheesy lines to handle the situation.


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