9 Reasons Why You Should Breakup With Your Girlfriend


A happy relationship can always be the most beautiful feeling on earth. You smile whenever you look at your partner(Girlfriend or .  A happy relationship can give you the emotional support that you can stand up and face it in a heartbeat whenever you fall by a problem that life shoots at you. Sadly the story for many relationships is not happening. keeping up with a relationship that both male and female parties pretend to be happy and fine is not a healthy relationship

Surprisingly the shocking reality is that many unhealthy relationships end up in marriages and eventually ending in a nasty divorce or break up. Below, we have listed nine reasons to break up with your girlfriend and make a decision that might be painful but which will be beneficial for both parties in the longer run.

  1. She Talks But Does Not Listen

If your girlfriend is one of the types that only talks and talks and does not listen, you must think about whether or not she cares about you.

  • Your Sex Life Does Not Exist

By chance, your relationship with your girlfriend has significantly less sexual attraction with your partner. You are not in a happy relationship. Sexual attraction is the primary asset when it comes to a healthy relationship, and if you do not feel that with your girlfriend, that is a sign that your relationship has become a friendship. And it is better to tell her the truth instead of hiding it.

  • She does not Respect You

So many men are in relationships with women that do not respect them. For example, if your girlfriend joins with one of your friends and starts to make fun of you in public, that is a direct sign of dis respectfulness

  • She won’t be Happy Without You

If your girlfriend is not happy without you, you must not be together with her. If you know that your partner is with you because she can not be alone and thinks you are her only chance for happiness, she has some significant psychological issues. In these cases, it is best to move on without staying in an unhealthy relationship.

  • She Only Loves Your Money

Make sure that your girlfriend loves you and not for your money. The easiest way to find that is by not paying her bills and see how she reacts. If she respects your idea and loves and supports you in the same way as before, she is a keeper. Unfortunately, if your girlfriend’s reaction turns out to be aggressive and therefore to leave you, that is a direct sign that she is in love with your credit card.

  • You Prefer to Be Without Her

If you do not miss your girlfriend when she is missing, you are in an unhealthy relationship. For example, you are happy when your girlfriend leaves your apartment or if you feel like going right after you wake up next to her. These are signs of an unhealthy relationship, and its best to move on rather than staying

  • She Has Cheated on You

If you are in a serious relationship with your girlfriend and promised each other to stay faithful and she started to cheat on you, you must end the relationship. Intentionally or unintentionally, many men make this grave mistake when it comes to their relationships is to stay with their girlfriend after she has cheated on them. This is a highly unhealthy matter not to forget that if she has cheated before, she will eventually do it again. Always know that once they cross their limits, it is easy for them to do it again.

  • You are Not Compatible

Many relationships these days see are a result of a one-night stand and short affairs. This can be a good thing, such as leading into a deep feeling of love or leading out to a bad thing, like only sexual attraction. Keep in mind that sexual relationships are a vital asset for a healthy relationship; if your relationship is only compatible with the bedroom and not consistent in real life, it is high time to think about whether you want to keep it. Suppose you are that type of guy who loves to read books to cuddle your partner in front of the TV and loves to enjoy a romantic holiday, and if your girlfriend is a party-type girl and needs alcohol to service the romantic vacation you booked. Then it is a huge sign of an unhealthy relationship.

  • Unable To Picture Your Partner In Your Future Plans

If you are now in a relationship, try to imagine yourself and see whether you can see your girlfriend in that? This is a very compelling question that many men ask themselves. We can find many men who do not see their partner in their plans when thinking. In these cases, you might want to reconsider if you wish to be in this relationship or not.


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