Signs that your boyfriend has a another girl.


Do you think your boyfriend has another girl, Let’s find that out with the following signs.

Love is not just a word. It is a beautiful feeling that anyone can experience. Love has no limitations, and it is spreading throughout the world. There is no certain place, a certain time, or certain reason to create that feeling. Beautiful hearts may create beautiful relationships. Those relationships can make a smile on someone’s face and fill someone’s life.

There are so many love affairs between boys and girls but, they are not the same. Those relationships are different from one person to another. The rigidity of that bond depends on some personal qualities of that girl and boy. If you are a girl, there are many qualities and requirements that you expect from your boyfriend. You want to get sincere love, affection, and also care from your boyfriend. And also, you can identify even a small change in your boyfriend because you are very closer to each other. Normally, girls are jealousy. They do not like to see her boyfriend with another girl. It may be a un affordable pain to her. There are some signs that your boyfriend has another girl.

  • Nonstop talking about another girl

When a person falls in love with someone or crushes on someone, he tends to talk more about that girl. You should be concerned if you notice your partner continuously mentioning someone because it means that your boyfriend has strong affection towards that girl. He may be trying to hide his feelings from you. However, you can notice the name which he is talking about every time. Sometimes that girl may be the best friend of your boyfriend. It is not a reason to worry. If that girl is new in his life, he suddenly can’t stop saying about her, you should be concerned.

  •  Less interested in you

If your boyfriend has a feeling with another girl, he will show less interest and less attention to you. If your boyfriend ants you, he will show his interest and attention to you. In this situation, your boyfriend may not listen to you or care about you because his attention may focus on another girl. He may try to get away physically as well as emotionally.

  • Try to hide something.

You are talking openly with your boyfriend and sharing your feelings with him. And also, your boyfriend is talking about everything with you. However, if your boyfriend has another relationship, he will try to stop being open with you. When you asking something from him, he may mumble something and not gives direct answers to your questions.

  • Unusual busy Schedule

You know very well about your boyfriends’ day-to-day schedule, and you have a clear awareness of the things that he is doing. So, you can quickly identify the changes in his schedule. Normally, he may not a busy person but, suddenly he may act as a person with a busy schedule. If he has a feeling about another girl, he will limit the time that spending with you by showing unusual busyness. Generally, the weekend is the only free time for most of the people who engage in jobs. Boyfriends are reserving their weekend for a day out or calling with the girlfriend. This usual pattern or behavior may change if your boyfriend has a feeling with another girl.

  • Acting against you

Your boyfriend may not listen to you as previously. He sees everything in the wrong way. Sometimes he may show unnecessary anger with you and act as a person who has rigid qualities. He may not show pleasant feelings and try to point out some faults with you. He may try to get into fights with you and making the situation break up with him. This abusive behavior is denoting that your boyfriend has a feeling for another girl.

  • Refusing plans

There are so many plans for lovely couples. They are planning everything from present to future. You may feel that your boyfriend does not talk about the future and try to change their plans with you. If your boyfriend has another girl, he cannot directly talk about their plans. He will show uncertainty in your relationship. Sometimes, he may try to drop hints or saying lies following the breakup of your relationship. You should pay attention to the things which your boyfriend is saying about plans.

  • Spends all the time on the phone

If your boyfriend has another girl, you can observe the unusual use of his mobile phone. He may be texting or chatting with someone every time. Especially, he may use social media more and more. You can notice the changes in your boyfriends’ habits. He may try to act strangely when he is using his phone, and also he refuses to answer some phone calls. He may try to act defensively on some occasions.


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